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Kunming in July will implement the new environmental health management ordinance of the city Spitting parabolic to a ticket

Date: 2015-04-29

As is closely related to people's life in the city's most of the kunming city city sanitation management ordinance, after more than a year of research, demonstration, revision, due to come into force as of July 1 this year. Straighten out the regulations of the revised version of the management system, has been clear about the division of duties, unified the punishment range and standards. Since July, spitting, parabolic, opening on the balcony Windows heap drying wait very common behavior should pay attention to, caught the maybe will receive ticket.
The balcony bask in things cannot "willful"
In the regulations, the most attention is the punishment regulations of some common uncivilized behavior.
Compared with the original regulations for spitting, defecation, litter and other uncivilized behavior, the revised regulations on the fines are also improved. The fines from the original 10 RMB 50 yuan, 50 yuan to more than 200 yuan. And the "outward from the house, the car throwing garbage" behavior such as penalties, embodies the care of the sanitation workers.
In the telegraph poles, fence, the behaviour of air basks in clothings in public sports facilities, also have penalty provisions in the regulations, or by a fine of 300 yuan to 1000 yuan. Also specifically mentioned in the regulations, "the city's main road, the roof of buildings facing balcony and shall not be piled up outside the window, air is basked in, hang hazardous to city appearance items", that is to say, even their own balcony, if random heap drying, also has the potential to be fined.
Lack of CMC not warning 1000 fine
For public concern "bumblebee" pollution of the road, also make a unified principle of punishment, the regulations will be in accordance with the pollution area of penalty of 30 yuan per square meter standard, to avoid too much discretion and the "law enforcement".
For after every heavy rain will cause concern the lack of "CMC", "byelaw" regulation, no unit or individual is allowed to damage or misappropriate city roads manhole covers, gully cover. Violation of the provisions, a fine between RMB one thousand yuan and one thousand yuan. Owner or maintenance management units found CMC damaged (trench), shift or lost, to set up the obvious warning signs, and in a timely manner to replace or fill a vacancy is. Not in accordance with the stipulations set warning marks or change, fill a vacancy, is a $one thousand per everywhere in fines.
Loose hair up 30000 small advertising
Street loose hair small ads, everywhere disorderly stick small behavior, are common in kunming, the newspaper reported, also has special this kind of phenomenon, this also made specific provision: the regulations ban on buildings and structures, public facilities, trees characterization, hang, spraying, without authorization, shall not, without approval, roads in the city square and outdoor public places of all kinds of advertising and propaganda materials for commercial purposes in violation of the provisions, shall be ordered to remove or confiscated, of the perpetrator and impose a fine of less than three hundred yuan of above three hundred yuan, the operator is a fine between RMB ten thousand yuan and ten thousand yuan.
Using banners, flags, inflatable device, physical carrier set slogans and propaganda materials such as shape, provisions of the regulations to comprehensive administrative law enforcement of urban management department approval, otherwise will be fined RMB three hundred yuan and three hundred yuan.
"Although the new regulation according to the situation of the development of social economy of punishment lines have been adjusted, but the fine is not the ultimate goal of regulation, but hopes to play a warning role, ultimately through the severe punishment correct behavior, change the uncivilized behavior, thus promote the social atmosphere in which all the people will care for the environment and public health." The city urban management comprehensive law enforcement bureau jian-ping Chen said.