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The May Day kunming WanChu around much It is never too tired is along the run

Date: 2015-04-29

Upgrade to the black dragon canyon plate in the pad
May Day this year, the upgrade of the plate in the pad is the black dragon canyon scenic spot, and I can't. The upgrade of scenic spot now have five different name and origin of the waterfall. Has been built joy valley slope (dry slope of 388 meters, 138 meters of water slope), dry slope is suitable for young people, the water slope for young and old. May Day will officially open and free WIFI.
Eat: the scenic yi stockade restaurant, halfway up the hill there are dining
Living: the scenic spot can have a cabin for the night, facilities, each 60 yuan
Tickets: 40 yuan per person
Drive route: kunming lake - peace - sheep - tsing lung - the black dragon canyon
Grass bed JiuDu Village suspension bridge the wild fun experience
JiuDu Village koizumi peace grass bed heights experience an suspension bridge wild pleasure is also A good choice.
Play line: AnChu toll station of high-speed, high-speed grass bed straight 200 meters turn right into the peace to eloth 脿 new road, turn left go straight to the end in JiuDu Village direction (15 km), to the wangs beach with JiuDu Village fork in the road turn right go straight to Mr Koizumi hill (4 km).
Debris flow rally Product or watermelon
2015 China international autocross dongchuan debris flow held from May 1 to 6, set up great white mud ditch short track qualifying, ngawang - jin yuan, the lins' cross - tofu, ngawang - lingyun battlefield and lingyun battlefield - ngawang, a total of nine stage, the special stage of 355 km, on May 3, one for the rest day. Dongchuan sweet almond and pin during May Day, jiang watermelon can meet all the luck to eat STH delicious.
Drive route: kunming - water - sea - xundian county city jin yuan township
More than 4000 acres of wild rhododendron was brilliant
Luquan county red deer pond town more than 4000 mu wild azaleas in full bloom now. Red deer pond the azaleas are mainly distributed in heat and features of the ridge. 20 minutes drive from the town to lose our room to admire the flowers. Like to hike also can choose to view ridge flowers, flowers need walk here 2 hours of mountain roads.
Drive route: kunming - kun wu high-speed - luquan county - - red deer pond town lu road
If you have interest, to purdue river canyon bubble hot springs "wild" is also very pleasant things.
Visit route: to luquan county, along the purdue river canyon, everywhere is full of the flavor of original wild hot springs. Recommended screen town in sanjiang mouth wild hot springs, cui hua xinglong hot spring two wild road line.