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Chinese classic recitation competition by kunming residents

Date: 2015-04-29

To meet is held in kunming in July of the second session of four cities in southwest China - "ode to the wind, elegant, classic Chinese study recitation" contest, has raised a hot wave of classics recitation contest, in kunming, the mountain west conference held in 28, district-level audition, a total of 68 program, to participate in the unit has nearly more than 50.
28 morning, the mountain west conference in 2015 - "ode to the wind, elegant, classic Chinese study recitation" game started. Among the competitors, both from the mountain west conference of the people's court judge, have capped for retired cadres center in yunnan province has retired old man, and the spring garden kindergarten children under the age of five. Competition, the palm camp for the southern district community the blind school brought the sacred provocation ", in a deaf-mute students, under the leading of the remaining five blind students every word be born to the yue fei of poetry recitation, won the audience and the judges moved and admiration. In the end, the show won the first prize, obtained for the mountain west conference in the city's final qualification. Learned, sponsored by the mountain west conference style travel bureau and other units of the preparations for the game after more than a month, competing contains "disciple gauge", "filial piety", "the model" and other classic Chinese study reveals. In addition, the 28th of wuhua district huashan street Chinese classic recitation preliminaries, as a family as the unit of entry form it is a bright spot, staff from normal university kindergarten, five China kindergarten children and parents to play together. (kunming daily reporter Wang Shan)