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More than five a small long vacation kunming park to play games

Date: 2015-04-29

Named small kunming zoo gibbon has a chance to win a $one thousand bonus, Andy sent thousands of sweet and delicious ice cream every day, single ball into the grand view park sun meaty plant a month free into the garden, can eat French cuisine to Sherwood park experience European romantic...
11 big and a small long holiday to five, kunming city parks, scenic spot prepared rich and colorful activities, and don't want to be out of town to play hi citizens, rather than curtilage at home than go out.
Kunming zoo named little gibbons won a RMB one thousand bonus
February 27 this year, kunming zoo hall gibbons gave birth to a number of "11" male cub, has yet to be named. From May 1 to 24, citizens can log in kunming zoo micro public letter, or through kunming zoo QQ mailbox, (535195283 @qq.com) to participate in the activities of name ". Micro letter reply "name" can receive activity rules, at the same time can also be a small gift.
Results on May 28th, will, who is named as the five best name named award, a prize of 1000 yuan, honor certificate and the card, the remaining four award of 300 yuan. In addition, from May 1 to 3, with a model card for free.
Grand view park to participate in the "sun much meat" one month free
Starting from May 1, will be held for a period of one month "impression" Africa meaty plant theme flower show. You can also bring your own meaty plant to "sunshine", participants will receive a month of CARDS in the park. Park to participate in the activity of meaty plant set up "public praise" area, to May 31 to get the more praise of the top 10 basin as the "most of the meat" name, park a complimentary gift bag can be obtained.
On May 1 to 4, can fluently recite the grand view pavilion in 2 minutes long visitors, can obtain free voucher in the park that day. Focus on grand view pavilion official micro letter of tourists will get free print 2 photo opportunity.
Ying tan kissing contest winners have to only 3000 yuan
During the period of May 1-3, ying tan park blockbuster will launch "romance May Day kissing contest", interesting hiking, fishing contest, becomes the tang dynasty culture performance and "rob longtan single free barbecue" five characteristic activity. Kissing contest from man to woman picked up and kissed, the longest kiss, her feet don't fall to the ground to win. Activities are also have "guess...", "you draw I guess", "balloon" back to back, and other fun activities, not only test the lovers, the couple's tacit understanding degree, still can enhance each other's feelings, the final winner will win the $3000 package is provided by kunming baida jewelry.
Haze hua temple park 400 pot peony show fancy
Haze hua temple has been to create "phuong flower gardens" as the goal, during the May Day, peony flowering, nearly 400 pot peony garden in front of the temple park haze China open, all exhibit fancy, like flowers of tourists can go to the park to see ground. Haze hua temple park buffet barbecue garden also continue, ordinary barbecue table price: RMB 80 / table, barbecue garden: RMB 120 / table.
Xihua park Enjoy the irises, lined with blue sky and green the French meal
At present, the park in 30000 strains of aquatic, plant a variety of irises, open is brilliant. In addition to intoxicate glistening, French restaurants will "move" big lawn, lined with blue sky and green land with authentic French taste coffee, black pepper steak, red wine, fruit wine, etc., a mini "Eiffel Tower" into the garden, let a person as if place oneself the European town.
At the same time, in the great lawn irises and new dresses and lawn wedding exhibition, the exhibition and 2015 master site van gogh "and then" rich and colorful activities.
Andy Five children come here to enjoy the "sweet" area on the
During the May Day, Andy will launch "sweet series of activities," a group of painters in mirage paint eggs together, parents can bring children is interested in, draw your eyes the appearance of the spring and the hope of "sweet". And merchants to give visitors a sound nearly thousand copies of the most delicious ice cream single ball "sweet". During the May Day, Andy greenhouse area rose is in bloom, visitors can taste to countless pink rose impression "sweet".
Country parks with motocross 4 km bike ride The watchtower see panoramic view of kunming
Country parks motocross bike 4 km long, involved nearly five meters wide, suitable for parents with children weekend to ride. While YangChangDao, a brave man bent and wave section is suitable for the cyclists have certain level of cycling experience, lindau with related to male slope, bawcock slope downhill on difficult, more suitable for training professional teams, at the same time, this article lindau is more suitable for public trail running, exercise activities such as walking.
Park, said: "the spring, the hobby riding friends came to the outskirts of male not only can feel romance blossoms, can also experience the colors of autumn, in view of the watchtower scenic area, riding friends can also stop viewing kunming panoramic view, expand their horizons, feel special riding together."
"China top ten man" westward journey hole Yang Guangge performance pulling the "eyes"
Eyes cart? Said yes, simple is to use an iron hook hook stay eyelid, on the other side of the hook is fixed on the car, with chains and performers without arm pull the car under the condition of strength. Can't even think about? Don't believe the reader please refer to the "Yang Guangge" three words. During the May Day, the man will come to kunming westward journey cave scenic area, for visitors to show the guinness world record for the "cart" eyes, three games every day, every 20 to 30 minutes. Later, the man will become a member of the westward journey hole, long-term in the stunt show for visitors.
The expo square dance competition, such as robot synchronized dance performances
During the May Day, kunming expo garden will launch "dancing" expo famous brand assemble - 2015 expo joy remit theme series of activities, and robot synchronized dance, polo, model aircraft, such as performance, at the same time to buy the expo packages of tourists can experience after the "yunnan expo tourism qr code" polo park robot project. On May 1-3, the expo