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Kunming 2.5 hours by high-speed rail to chongqing is expected to arrive

Date: 2015-04-29

27, reporters learned that recently launched has agreed to chongqing to kunming railway corporation high-speed rail project prophase work, chongqing to kunming after the completion of the project is expected to be reduced to 2.5 hours.
In accordance with the initial plan, chongqing commercialisation of high-speed rail route alignment design, through three provinces and cities of chongqing, sichuan, yunnan, are headed for chongqing station, pearls, metro, yongchuan, luzhou, jiangan, yibin - high county - YanJin - YiLiang, zhaotong, huize, kunming dongchuan - south hub station, about 700 km, the design of 200 ~ 300 kilometers per hour. Of yunnan terrain, it is subject to design control at 200 km per hour, chongqing for flat to yibin section, the design of 250 ~ 300 kilometers per hour. According to this design, chongqing to kunming expected to arrive at about 2.5 hours. Chongqing kunduz, about 700 km of high-speed rail is expected in 2016, built in 2020.
The chongqing kunduz high-speed forward is expected to extend to xi 'an, construction of xi 'an, chongqing, kunming railway passenger dedicated line. (reporter Yuan Haiyi)