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Kunming investigate 1799 school canteen safety

Date: 2015-04-30

With high rates of infectious diseases comes to do a good job in the school canteen food safety guarantee school teachers' and students' physical health and the prevention of food poisoning in advance recently, kunming municipal food and drug administration to carry out for special projects, a total of school canteen food safety inspection jurisdiction school canteen (including university, middle school and kindergarten canteen) 1799; 18 shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit of 125, put on record.
According to project requirement, various counties (city) area of kunming city, the national and provincial development park (holiday) combined with local actual, actively carry out rectification work, the area under its jurisdiction school canteen, especially rural schools to carry out the trawl screening and raids, focusing on school canteen purchase acceptance, show me the ticket service records, additives, tableware disinfection, food retention samples such as food safety system implementation; Food safety responsibility person, food safety incident emergency disposal and rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan implementation, the city bureau of education and the food and drug administration was organized in 2015 spring term rural nutrition improvement plan implementation and school canteen food safety cross check, April 13, 2015-17, led by ShengJu, city bureau jointly composed of the four inspection for zhuhai panlong, wuhua, xiong deyou, the mountain west conference more than four in 10 schools, more than 30 specific inspection canteen food safety.
In many ways food safety work of school inspection, to strengthen the responsibility consciousness and awareness of the school, but also promotes the school canteen food safety management work.