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Kunming to fully prepare for great sino-asean will enable 9000 parking Spaces open 8 special line

Date: 2015-04-30

Yesterday afternoon, the 3rd China - South Asia exposition and the 23rd KunJiaoHui (hereinafter referred to as the "great sino-asean") in kunming preparatory work leading group meeting for the first time. Vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of ringo lee stressed that the city's various departments at all levels to race against time, together, to take on responsibilities, overcome difficult, go all out to complete the preparations for the good, considerate to properly layout, quality and efficient service, clean, beautiful environment, safety and standard order, to meet the great sino-asean and KunJiaoHui held successfully.
Ringo lee said that since March 18, the city's great sino-asean and KunJiaoHui mobilization meeting, coordinate to solve difficult problems in a timely manner in the city, to ensure that each preparatory work carried out smoothly.
Stadiums, he said, peripheral is continuing to accelerate the infrastructure construction. Borne by kunming around "eight-way, sanhe, two water, the electricity" supporting the construction going smoothly, the overall work is expected to be completed by the end of may according to the time limits, held in dianchi lake international conference and exhibition center for great sino-asean created favorable conditions.
At the same time, the city's various departments at all levels should be in accordance with the city's appearance environment comprehensive improvement of the relevant requirement of crucial "one hundred days", promoting "in front of the 3 packets", strong-arming, sediment transport and other special campaigns, pushing greening, landscaping, lighting, purification, various eyesores environment improved obviously; Security, stability, public transportation, communications, electric power, food safety, health, market-oriented operation, such as the security work, to do early preparation, arrange early, early implementation, successfully held for great sino-asean provides a powerful guarantee.
Ringo lee said, from the social level, kunming as the site of great sino-asean, security task is very heavy. All kinds of contradictions hotspots may cross superposition, security stability work faces new trials and challenges. Security guard against some of the details still need to further implement, further enhance and further investigation as 20, the efforts in comprehensive environmental control in the city will further increase, conference and exhibition center around the greening, landscaping, lighting, purification work to strengthen.
Vice secretary of municipal party committee, secretary of the municipal commission for discipline inspection, presiding over the meeting should be eternal life, high ramah, xing, Yang Yuanxiang, Tian Yunxiang, he gang, LiuWenHui, Wang Daoxing, qing-hong meng, Zhao Ligong, Yang Bi, Hu Huitong to attend the meeting.
Supporting facilities
Article 4 road construction task by May 25
In safety and quality assurance under the premise of kunming on May 25, be sure to complete the flying tigers avenue south, guandu 3 road, guandu road no. 243, four guandu road no. 375 road construction task, and chang macro way, around the east road, south road, south line 4 road to upgrade project. On May 30, to complete such as shrimp, Yao Anhe, sand silted dam river three river regulation reform, power supply facilities construction security work, for supporting dianchi lake international conference and exhibition center project completed as soon as possible, putting-in-service proactively as soon as possible.
Guandu Yu Feihu avenue road no. 243, check Yu Changhong road, 1.5 km, red line width of 40 meters, total investment estimation of 210 million yuan. So far, has completed nearly 152 million yuan RMB, the investment to complete 75% of the total quantity. Though road location, but not only with dianchi lake road no. 243 international conference and exhibition center on the east side seamless connection, also linked to the direction of the city main road no. 3, the flying tigers avenue and chang macro way three urban main road, it would promote the five a pond area expressways and perfect conference and exhibition center of foreign traffic system play an important role.
Environmental renovation
Downtown district completed replacement trees more than 11000 strains
As of the end of this month, the city district completed replacement trees more than 11000 strains, clip, plastic shrubs and cover 75000 square meters, the area under its jurisdiction the safety of new plant and 4550 strains fomous trees, tall trees, trees, strengthening support; Garbage pickup greening of more than 190 tons.
During the May Day, citizens and tourists passing around the road, east road, er season will see recent newly planted yunnan park, cone heather, tianzhu laurel, cherry blossoms, camphor, crape myrtle, chun liu and other plants. And YunXiu, fu bao road, chang macro road and main roads leading to surrounding the convention and exhibition center and nodes are actively carry out comprehensive improvement, green landscape beautification.
At the same time, xiong deyou to April 30 of the south around chang macro way to 1850 metres exhibition ZhongXinDuan add sound insulation board, has basically completed installation. Road on both sides of the completed afforestation plant about 5.54 square meters, plant trees 3507 strains.
To enable more than 9000 underground parking garages
This year's great sino-asean in new venues, with the arrival of a large number of participants and merchants, visitors, traffic, traffic will be greatly increased, the main and venues peripheral road traffic will face severe challenges.
The traffic police department in accordance with the "peak time and attendance, key sections of overtime, congestion nodes and p", the principle of increasing spending on police, try my best to alleviate the main traffic jams.
April 1 to 25, kunming city traffic police departments have organized to carry out the unified operation of more than 120 times, illegal motor vehicle traffic 248000, 97848 illegal parking, illegal non-motorized transport act 38751, put a stop to dissuade the pedestrian traffic law since 80000.
At present, the organizing committee has identified 9000 enabled the underground parking garage to park social vehicles, but the organizing committee advocates "people take the bus to see great sino-asean". Finance in kunming, at the same time, also agreed to increase 2500 security personnel cooperate with police great sino-asean security work.
Public transportation
In 200-300 buses
According to the prediction data provided by great sino-asean preparation, during the great sino-asean dianchi lake international convention and exhibition center average daily passenger flow peak will reach 250000 person-time.
In kunming, according to the plan, set up public transport infrastructure construction coordination, relying on the perimeter of the dianchi lake in kunming international convention center temporary public transport operation security field, in 200 ~ 300 buses run, the temporary opening connection international exhibition center (itc), station yard, before hing road transit hub, sleep mountain, century city (er road